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Mini 3 Tankless Electric Water Heater


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120V Tankless Point of Use Electric Water Heater, For Warm Water Hand Washing Needs Providing 40 to 42 Degree Temperature Rise. For Hand Washing At 1 Sink, Includes a 0.5 Gallon Per Minute Pressure Compensating Flow Reducer/Aerator WHICH MUST BE INSTALLED FOR THE MINI 3 TO WORK CORRECTLY. 120 Volt, 3kW, 25Amp circuit breaker. 3/8 Inch water connections for use with flexible connectors. Compact Design Allows Flexibility, Ideal For Residential & Commercial Bathrooms, Cabins & Cottages, Office Buildings, Stores, Malls, Warehouses, Restaurants & Gas Stations, Requires 120V Service, 1 Dedicated 25A Breaker & 10 Gauge Wiring, Equipped With Nichrome Heating Element, Flow Switch, & Manual Reset, Must Mount Vertically With Water Fittings Pointing Up Or Down, 2' Wiring Harness, Does Not Need T & P Valve, CSA, UL Listed, 7 Year Leak Warranty & 3 Year Warranty Against Defects In Workmanship & Materials Under Normal Use, Certified Lead Free By Water Quality Association. Unit Dimensions: 6 1/2 H x 7

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