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Delta MultiChoice® Universal Tub / Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets


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The Delta® MultiChoice® Universal Valve gives you the flexibility to upgrade the style and functionality of your shower without altering the plumbing behind the wall. By installing the universal valve first, you have the freedom to decide (or change your mind on) what type of shower you want later. Whether you’d like a new look or a new function for your shower, with MultiChoice Universal Valves getting what you want has never been so simple.

MultiChoice® Universal valve body only
Accepts single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridge
Trim kit sold separately, cartridge ships with trim
Back-to-back capability
Mounting bracket reduces rocking by providing a sturdy means of securing the valve to a stringer
Three connection types (IPS, PEX and UNIVERSAL) provide connection options for every type of plumbing
Square plasterguard allows for simple 90° cuts and snaps into place
Heat-resistant pressure test cap allows for air or water testing before valve cartridge is installed
Valve body without stops


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