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Circular Saw Blade, Non-Ferrous Plastic, 10-In. x 80T


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Diablo, 10" x 80 tooth, 5/8" arbor, non-ferrous plastic cutting saw blade, tico high-density carbide for increased performance & maximum cutting life, perma shield non-stick coating for protection against heat, gumming & corrosion, super thin kerf design for fast & effortless cuts, new advanced laser cut stabilizer vents absorb noise & vibration & prevent sideways movement for precise, clean cuts, tri-metal shock resistant brazing to withstand extreme impact, laser cut heat expansion slots allow the blade to expand & contract without warping for straight & accurate cuts, great for cutting non-ferrous metals, plastics, melamine & wood, blade can be used on 10" miter saws, 10" slide miter saws & table saws portable & stationary.

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