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Lomanco 2000b Power Ventilator, Black 800 CFM

Lomanco 2000b Power Ventilator, Black 800 CFM


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Lomanco offers two styles of electric power vents- the Lomancool™ 2000and the Add-A-Vent 1800. The 2000 is a roof mount power vent and the 1800 is designed to be mounted behind an existing vent to add powered ventilation to a gable.

Common Features
Lomanco® Power Vents are made of all aluminum construction. Other common features include a 5 year limited warranty, balanced fan blades for quiet operation, and an American made motor. An optional humidistat is available for both the 2000 and the 1800. The Lomancool™ 2000TH comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat/humidistat combo control to accommodate individual attic humidity levels.

The Lomancool™ 2000 and Lomancool™ 2000TH are also available in copper.
Easy Installation
Lomanco® Power Vents are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that features a “push to test” button that allows homeowners to make sure the unit is operating properly.

Lomanco® Lomancool™ 2000
Deep drawn flange and unique rain shield keep water out.
Factory-set adjustable thermostat (switches on at 100 degrees and off at 85 degrees).
Adjustable humidistat settings are: minimum 80%, normal 42%, and maximum 20%.
8x8 aluminum screen attached for insect protection.
2000TH model equipped with thermostat/humidistat combo switch.
2000, 2000TH; WUI product information.
5 year limited warranty.

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