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Coast Bulls-Eye Spot Fixed Beam Penlight

Coast Bulls-Eye Spot Fixed Beam Penlight


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Go bright with style. The HP4 is the tried-and-true, never-forget-it pen light favored by technicians and tinkerers everywhere. The light’s BULLS-EYE™ Spot beam delivers 100 lumens of steady lighting at 44 meters (144 feet) with a vivid hotspot at the center surrounded by a halo of softer light for an expanded viewing area. The XACTONE™ High CRI 90 beam reveals true colors for super-accurate vision. Available in four colors—green, orange, red, and blue—to suit your style or match your work gear, this super-handy sidekick also has a steel pocket clip for easy carry. COAST Alkaline-Dual Power technology enables this flashlight to run for up to 3h 45min on one set of alkaline batteries or on a separately purchased COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery for added convenience and savings. Built from top-grade aluminum, the HP4 is storm proof and dust resistant—up for the task no matter the weather.

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